“Whenever our interior life becomes caught up in its own interests and concerns, there is no longer room for others, no place for the poor..." - Evangelii Gaudium

Sunday, July 24, 2016

If you want to repent now, and seek the Pardon of Assisi during the Jubilee of Mercy ...

You maybe could begin a novena of penance.

In preparation for the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels Porziuncola, which is observed on August 2.
The chapel was St. Francis' favorite place - and the birthplace of the Franciscan Order.

For there had also been built in that place a church of the Virgin Mother who merited by Her singular humility to be, after Her son, the head of all the saints. In this church the Order of Friars Minor had its beginning, there, as on a firm foundation, when their number had grown, the noble fabric of the order arose. The holy man loved this place above all others; this place he commanded his brothers to venerate with a special reverence; this place he willed to be preserved as a model of humility and highest poverty for their order, reserving the ownership of it to others, and keeping only the use of it for himself and his brothers. - Thomas of Celano

The Great Pardon...

As is well known, St. Francis obtained from Our Lady what is known as the Porziuncola Indulgence - or Great Pardon of Assisi - which can be gained by any of the faithful on The 2nd of August from Midnight to Midnight. For information on the plenary indulgence, go here.

On August 4 Pope Francis will make a special pilgrimage to the Porziuncola to observe the 8th Centenary of The Great Pardon of Assisi.

According to new details released on the local website for the Franciscan order, the Holy Father will arrive in Assisi by helicopter at 3:40pm. At 4pm, he will arrive at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, inside which the small Porziuncola chapel is located. There, he will take a moment of silent prayer in the chapel, before offering a reflection on the Gospel of Matthew 18:21-35. - Vatican Radio
I had rather lie abject at the threshold of the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of the wicked. - Ps. 84

Prayer of St. Francis.

Hail, O Lady, Holy Queen,Mary, holy Mother of God:you are the Virgin made Churchchosen by the most Holy Father in heavenwhom He consecrated with His most holy beloved Sonand with the Holy Spirit the Paraclete,in whom there was and is all fullness of grace and every good.
Hail His Tabernacle!
Hail His Dwelling!
Hail His Robe!
Hail His Servant!
Hail His Mother!
And hail all you holy virtues
Which are poured into the hearts of the faithful
through the grace and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,
that from being unbelievers,
you may make them faithful to God. Amen. 
Hail His Palace!

Another prayer to Our Lady of the Angels.

August Queen of Heaven, sovereign queen of Angels, you who at the beginning received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, we beseech you humbly, send your holy legions so that, on your orders and by your power, they will track down demons, fight them everywhere, curb their audacity and plunge them into the hell.
Who can be compared to God? Oh good and tender Mother, you will always be our love and our hope. Oh divine Mother, send the Holy Angels and Archangels to defend me and to keep the cruel enemy far from me. Holy Angels and Archangels defend us, protect us. Amen. - Source

Pray for us O Holy Father St. Francis!

Pray for me to obtain pardon.
Pray for me for the grace of repentance,
Pray for me to obtain pardon.
Pray for me to do penance.
Pray for us O Holy Father St. Francis,
that we may be worthy of the
promises of Christ,
and through the intercession of 
the Blessed Virgin Mary
obtain the Great Pardon of Assisi
and the Jubilee Indulgence.

In thanksgiving for favors granted:
Glory be to the Father
and to the Son 
and to the Holy Spirit
as it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.  Amen. 

Attention former wanton women and men: Feeling like the Magdalene has been taken away from you?

Mary Magdalen with Our Lady and St. John at the Crucifixion.

St. Mary Magdalen.

Recently St. Mary Magdalen has been entirely rehabilitated from former prostitute to Equal to the Apostles - to use the title the Eastern Church always attributed to her, while respecting the traditional faith that she was also the former sinner depicted in the Gospel.

Contemporary scholarship explains to us that the only thing we really know about her is that she was the first to encounter the Risen Christ and was sent to the Apostles to communicate the news.  More or less.  It's an important development in the Latin rite - especially for Christian feminists.

As a formerly promiscuous young man, very attractive, very cute - what?  Just pretending - so often you read former sex addicts conversion accounts and you get the impression they were some sort of model or porn-star - but I digress.

Charles as a big fat sinner.

Very seriously - as a former sinner, the Magdalen was my go to saint.  She was for Bl. Charles de Foucauld as well - proving men can be former sluts, and other sinners, such as Teresa of Avila - proving that though she most likely never had an impure thought - she considered herself to be a great sinner.  Generations of Carmelites have taken the Magdalen for their model in penance and prayer, as well as taking her name as their name or title in religious life.  The entire Western Church regarded her as a reformed sinner, penitent.  Our Lord revealed to St. Margaret of Cortona that she was the Magdalen of the Franciscan Order.

If you are disappointed the Magdalen has been all scrubbed up and respectable - do not fear.  There are many former sluts to have recourse to - many.

Mary of Egypt and Thais
were former prostitutes.

One of the greatest is St. Mary of Egypt.  Most definitely a former prostitute who earned her livelihood from dance and escort services.  In fact, in art, she has been confused with the Magdalen.  Perhaps that accounts for what many like to call a misunderstanding of who the Magdalen was?

Then there is Margaret of Cortona - not so much a prostitute, but a mistress, concubine to a nobleman and a single mother.  Her story is quiote contemporary and commonplace these days.

Charles de Foucauld had a mistress before his conversion as well.

St. Margaret of Cortona,
laywoman, Franciscan penitent.

Maria Goretti, a saint who seems to repel modern taste because she resisted the advances of her would be rapist and murderer, worked it out, as it were, that her attacker, Alessandro Serenelli could be a wonderful example of a penitent for modern times.  St. Maria appeared to him in a dream while he was in prison, effecting in his soul a marvelous conversion, he lived a life of penitence until his death.  A would be rapist, Serenelli used the pornography of his day and was most likely what we would call a sex addict.  His attack was the culmination of more than one amorous 'attempt' to get Maria's attention.  Before he died, Serenelli explained the path he chose:
"Looking back at my past, I can see that in my early youth, I chose a bad path which led me to ruin myself.  My behavior was influenced by print, mass-media and bad examples which are followed by the majority of young people without even thinking. And I did the same. I was not worried." - Alessandro Serenelli
The Brothers of St. Francis, 
Capuchins from Marche, 
welcomed me with angelic charity 
into their monastery as a brother, not as a servant.
- Allesandro

To be honest, I don't read too many contemporary accounts of the saints - unless of course they have died close to our age - but the modern versions of the Magdalen's life and the dissecting of tradition and cult associated with the Saint, really sap the devotion out her story and her venerable memory.  So, I am quite content to venerate St. Mary Magdalen as the Church has done for centuries.  I remember I made a pilgrimage to Ste. Baume, and my way back to Assisi from Compostella many years ago.  A Dominican laughed at me and mocked me for asking him to bless a small medal of the Saint, as well as for my naivete in accepting the legend she was a former prostitute turned penitent who ended her life in that cave in Provence.

I wasn't discouraged.  Nor am I discouraged today.

 Just remember, included in the genealogy of Christ is Rahab* the Harlot: "Salmon the father of Boaz, whose mother was Rahab" (Matthew 1:5).

*It's where we get the term 'rehab'.  (Just kidding - I made that up.)

"By faith Rahab the harlot 
did not perish with the disobedient, 
receiving the spies with peace."
-Heb 11:31

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hillary raising Kaine!


Song for this post here.

Today's First Reading ...

Put not your trust in deceitful words ...

Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel:
Reform your ways and your deeds,
so that I may remain with you in this place.
Put not your trust in the deceitful words:
“This is the temple of the LORD!
The temple of the LORD! The temple of the LORD!”
Only if you thoroughly reform your ways and your deeds;
if each of you deals justly with his neighbor;
if you no longer oppress the resident alien,
the orphan, and the widow;
if you no longer shed innocent blood in this place,
or follow strange gods to your own harm,
will I remain with you in this place,
in the land I gave your fathers long ago and forever.
But here you are, putting your trust in deceitful words to your own loss. - Jeremiah 7:1-11
As for me ...
I had rather lie abject at the threshold of the house of my God
than dwell in the tents of the wicked. - Ps. 84

"...it is precisely our malady that becomes the locus of contact."
- Pope Francis

I wonder if people really believe God when He says: "Put no trust in princes-in mortal men-in whom there is no salvation."

Our Lady Mother of Divine Grace

Memorial/Octave of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

God of eternal wisdom, in Your providence You willed that the Blessed Virgin Mary should bring forth the Author of Grace, and take part with Him in the mystery of man's redemption. May she obtain for us grace in abundance and bring us to the haven of everlasting salvation. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Munich Terror Attack

The 2nd attack in a week...

German police are engaged in a huge anti-terror manhunt in the city of Munich after nine people died in a shopping mall shooting.
German security forces have been on alert since a teenage migrant stabbed and injured five people on a train in Bavaria on Monday, in an attack claimed by so-called Islamic State.
The authorities had warned of the danger of further incidents.
More details have begun emerging about events at the shopping centre. - BBC

More photos and background information here

Ah ha!

Who cares? - Thiel on trans-bathrooms.

That's what she said.

Archbishop Nienstedt relieved to have his name cleared.

Turns out the Papal Nuncio squashed the investigation into allegations of impropriety ...

Placing Nienstedt's good name in jeopardy.

Former Twin Cities Archbishop John Nienstedt said Thursday he is “relieved” that the public now is aware of the fate of an investigation into alleged sexual improprieties by him.
A day after a 2014 memo from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis was made public stating that a Vatican emissary quashed the investigation, Nienstedt repeated that he has done nothing improper, despite allegations of misconduct revealed in documents released Wednesday by the Ramsey County attorney’s office.
“I am a heterosexual man who has been celibate my entire life,” Nienstedt wrote in an e-mail to the Star Tribune Thursday. “I am relieved that the public now knows the extent of the allegations and can hear my response.”
The fate of the Nienstedt investigation has been a question confronting Twin Cities Catholics for two years. The memo made public this week indicated that the Vatican emissary in Washington, D.C., put the brakes on the probe, which had been looking into allegations of sexual misconduct by Nienstedt in Michigan, Minnesota and Rome. - StarTribune
“I am a heterosexual man who has been celibate my entire life,” said Nienstedt.

I have no problem with that statement - except to point out this is another example of how and why Catholics, and many others, can be confused by how Catholic teaching is expressed.  The Pope and other bishops and priests refer to homosexual persons as 'gay' - others say 'ssa'.  But everyone is discouraged, and even rebuked for using the term 'gay' - especially 'gay-Catholics'.  Yet Nienstedt just made it clear he is a 'heterosexual man'.  Even though Catholic teaching insists:
The Church “refuses to consider the person as a ‘heterosexual’ or a ‘homosexual’ and insists that every person has a fundamental identity: the creature of God and, by grace, his child and heir to eternal life.” - CDF
Just saying.

Nienstedt is gone now.  I'm happy for him that his good name has been upheld.

The best commentary on The Trump RNC Victory ever ...

“To get a man’s soul and give him *nothing* in return: that is what gladdens the heart of Our Father Below.” – Uncle Screwtape
Trump has achieved what no Democrat could ever do: Get conservative Christians to enthusiastically, if not fanatically, back a candidate who supports both abortion and gay marriage and still feel as righteous about themselves and contemptuous of their culture war enemies as when they once opposed those things. He even got them to believe they were God’s Champions of Religious Liberty as they screamed off the stage a guy who called for people to vote their conscience. - Mark Shea

I wish I had said that.

Thank you Mark Shea.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pieter Rabbinsky

The Orphaned Rabbit.

Earlier this week I encountered Peter, munching on a pot of petunias in my garden.  I watched him for a long time, wondering if he was one of the Rabbitowitz's kids - he seemed a bit ruddier than Mrs. R's offspring, although it was possible his coloring was simply a fluke of the gene pool.

"What's your name?" I asked quietly.

The rabbit stopped grazing, albeit still ruminating the blossoms in his exceptionally sweet little mouth, he starred ahead as if he were thinking.  Of course that's what rabbits do when they're discovered.  They pretend to be invisible, ready to spring upon any sudden movement from the potential predator standing above them.

"I know what you're doing there Peter - but I'm not going to hurt you or try to catch you - you are safe here."  Trying gently to encourage him to stay and even speak to me.

Surprised, the bunny turned to me, still chewing his salad, and asked incredulously, "How did you know my name?"  Suspiciously adding, "Why would you ask my name if you knew it already?"

I laughed realizing he was too young to understand that people always call bunnies Peter before they get to know them, because of the Peter Rabbit tales.  I didn't want him to know I was just being facetiously polite and really did not know his name, so I explained, "It was just a good guess! Now little fella, I suppose your last name has to be Rabbitowitz then?"

He looked at me quizzically, his ears bending every which way, apparently spelling the name back to himself ... 'R' .. 'a' .. 'b-b' .. 'i' .. 't'? ......'o'?!"  He stopped suddenly, stood on his haunches and proudly declared, "Oh no sir - I'm Pieter Rabbinsky!  My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great=great-great grandfather was the famous Russian composer Igor Rabbinsky!"

Little Pieter abruptly turned and hopped away in a huff.

"Another Russian rabbit?" I thought to myself.

Taken from "L'histoire du Lapin Russie"

Mr. Haney booed off RNC stage last night ....

Cruz (Haney) refused to endorse Trump (Mr. Douglas).

Trump stole the show by walking in while Cruz was whining onstage.

Seriously - Ted Cruz seemed to me to represent a dying political culture of the old guard of the GOP - politics as usual.  Say what you will about Trump - I think he's over-turned the tables of the Grand Old Party - Pence's prepackaged political rhetoric is the only homage to the old guard.

Tonight Ivanka (Lisa) will be speaking.  (She makes Tiffany look like trailer trash.  What?)

Leaving Manhattan for life in the country ...

It's so Green Acres ... Trump and 'his glamorous Slovenian wife, dragged unwillingly from an upscale Manhattan penthouse apartment and the city life she adores to a ramshackle Washington White House.'

I saw something very strange last night ...

Rear French Doors

It's extremely hot and humid in Minneapolis.  (85+ with humidity to match at 10 PM.)

Last night I looked out my Marvin designer custom-french-doors with the hand-painted periwinkles, onto my elegant gardens and noticed my neighbor, dressed in a windbreaker with a hood and long ankle pants of the same rip-stop-nylon fabric - wearing what appeared to be asbestos gloves, burning unidentifiable objects in his Walmart portable fire pit in his backyard on his bricked crop-circle-style mini-patio not far from his wife's miniature fairie-village situated under their luscious, honeysuckle-laden, white-patinated picket fence.

He must have seen me because he immediately dashed back into the house, only to emerge moments later, looking very cool in a t-shirt and plaid shorts.  I poked my head outside while he had disappeared and could smell what seemed to be a strong acrid chemical odor.  Something is going on.

To be continued...

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bishop Morlino: NOT 'ad orientem' ... but 'versus populum' ... and wearing Novus Ordo vestments.

I couldn't help but notice that in this photo at least,
Bishop Morlino is facing the congregation,
and NOT talking to the wall.*

h/t Badger Cat.

"Life comes from the recognition that you can't do it on your own'" - Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier and companion.

"Let us never seek what appears to be great in the eyes of creatures... The only thing that is not envied is the last place." - S. Therese

Fr. Martin posted about a new video from Jean Vanier 'about the need to embrace human weakness, our own and others.'  

In my opinion, Jean Vanier is a little soul - in the Theresian sense - much like Bl. Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity, as well as Madeleine Delbrel and many other hidden souls.  Vanier expands the definition of ordinary life, to include the simple, the weakest of us.  The imperfect, those some regard as defective.

I haven't watched the latest video as yet, but I read a wonderful interview in America from last year, and I'll share some thoughts Vanier shared during his interview with  Sean Salai, S.J..

What gifts do mentally handicapped persons bring to society? 
They have beautiful hearts, they don’t have big heads, they’re not people who want to know things. What they want to know is: “Do you love me?” Maybe that is what we all want to know: “Do you love me?” Maybe that is the heart of the Christian message: that Jesus loves us and therein is our joy. That is what people with disabilities reveal to us. That is the only one important thing; that it be revealed that Jesus loves me.

What is the philosophy of L’Arche?
The philosophy of L’Arche is very simple. The important thing is that people who have been pushed aside and humiliated, need to be shown that they are precious. So it’s living together in community that we reveal to each other that “you’re precious.” The wonderful thing is that when we live with people with disabilities, not only are they transformed because they discover they’re loved, but we also are transformed. That is the secret of the philosophy of L’Arche: that we transform each other in helping each other to become more human and more like Jesus.

Who are your role models in the Catholic faith, either living or dead?
The real role model is Jesus and he is revealed to us in the Gospels. We see how he lived, and the parables he told. For example, take the parable of the Good Samaritan where Jesus says: “do what he did,” that’s to say be compassionate. Jesus is an incredible role model and he teaches us to love each other as he loves. We only have to look at Jesus through the Gospel message to see how we are called to live.

What have you learned from living with the intellectually handicapped?
I have learned that the message of Jesus is really a question of humility. The incredible thing about Jesus is that he was with God, he was God, and he descended and became a human being. Not only did he become a human being, but he accepted to be rejected and crucified. The incredible thing is that these little people teach us how to grow in humility, and humility is to enter into a relationship with people who have been humiliated. It’s a beautiful way to learn how to live the Gospel message. - America

How to follow the little way ... 

 "It is to recognize our nothingness, to expect everything from God as a little child expects everything from its father; it is to be disquieted about nothing, and not to be set on gaming our living. ... To be little is not attributing to oneself the virtues that one practices. ... It is not to become discouraged over one's faults, for children stumble and fall often, but they are too little to hurt themselves very much."  - St. Therese

"Therese believed that God frequently allows us to experience in ourselves the same weaknesses which we deplore in others,,,  [Thus] when we see ourselves fallen into those faults we are then more prompt to excuse them in others." - My Sister St. Therese, Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face

"'Sometimes it happens,' she went on, 'that despite their best efforts, some souls remain imperfect because it would be to their spiritual detriment to believe they are virtuous or to have others agree that they are.'" - ibid

Donald Trump Jr. would make a better president.

I was impressed by his speech.

I was also impressed with Ben Carson's speech.

Hillary is the devil!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Where are all of the mystics, the locutionists and visionaries?

The Extraordinary Year of Mercy ...

It seems to me very few promote the Holy Year, one would imagine that all those who claim a direct line to heavenly voices would be proclaiming the Year of Mercy - but few seem to be doing so.  (I may be wrong - but I just don't see a lot of encouragement on Catholic news portal-aggregator sites linking to anyone promoting the Year of Mercy.  Neither have I seen much said about the extraordinary aspect of the Holy Year on contemplative-mystic-seer sites.)

Just saying.

Not a few people online have bent over backwards trying to explain what real mercy is and what it is not - but few seem to press the invitation: "Come to me, all you who are weary and heavily burdened ..." loaded down with guilt and misery because of your sins.  "All you who thirst, come!" Come drink by the stream from the side, lift up your head to gaze upon the Holy Face.

It is an Extraordinary Year of Mercy - officially proclaimed - the invitation extended.  It is like the Great Pardon of Assisi - yet extended and available every day throughout an extraordinary year of mercy.  Whether one likes the Pope or not, the Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy is licit, valid, and authoritative.  Mystics and saints have longed to see and celebrate what we have been given in our time.  St. Faustina, St. Therese of Lisieux and indeed, all the Carmelite saints, Josefa Menedez, Mary of the Trinity, Consolata Betrone ... and so many contemplatives of the 19th and 20th century have longed to see this day, this year.  Centuries ago St. Francis prayed for the Great Pardon and obtained the Porziuncola Indulgence, and yet we have a much greater indulgence here and now.

Instead of proclaiming mercy, we fight and argue over Church politics, ecclesial appointments, liturgical celebrations, vestments and decorum, and secular politics.  We need to proclaim that the Mass is the ordinary form of dispensing grace, each Mass - no matter the ordo - is extraordinary and holy - it is the source and summit of our faith - the life-spring of the Church.  The blood flowing from the side of Christ washes us clean in the sacrament of penance - we drink by the wayside, lifting up our heads, lifting up our hearts to receive the merciful Christ in the Eucharist ...

At your right hand is the Lord,
who crushes kings on the day of his wrath.
Who judges nations, heaps up corpses,
crushes heads across the wide earth ...

What do we have to fear?  Who can be against us when God, in his mercy, is for us, and has given his only Son as our Redeemer?  Why do we waste our time on rumors and calumnies and detraction which we have no control over in the first place?  Why do we withhold forgiveness and mercy from one another?  Why do we strain the gnat and over analyze every little saying, and miss the greatness of God's mercy?

Where are the prophets?  The mystics?  The holy ones with all of their battle plans and tactics?  Why aren't they proclaiming the Divine Mercy?  The Great Pardon?  The Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy?

"Run through the whole world and lead souls that fainted away to the source of My Mercy. I will lead and strengthen them." - Jesus to St. Faustina

"He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice." - Jesus to St. Faustina 

"Write that I am speaking to them through their remorse of conscience, through their failures and sufferings, through thunderstorms, through the voice of the Church." - Jesus to St. Faustina

...drink from the stream by the wayside
and thus hold high your head.

Trump's Spokesmodel ...


Song for this post here.  (Hey!  That's what Michelle said.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Melania Trump's address was warmly received by the rowdy Republican crowd at the RNC in Cleveland ... it was a triumph!

The Monster Who Devoured Cleveland

Major gas leak threatens GOP Convention.

Song for this post here.  What?

Using Steve Skojec's name to attract readers and hits to ... up your hits and stats.

Because "Blogs without many readers ... might garner some interest in their blogs."

I've done posts using Skojec's name - but not for the reasons he thinks some people do.  I really think people may use his name because he or his website or what he wrote is simply the subject of their post.

... do not be wise in your own estimation. - Romans 12:16

It's too bad we get so carried away by our own self-importance - believing ourselves to be so important. There is a certain quarter of the Catholic Internet, however, that has apparently become obsessed with Steve Skojec and his work at 1P5.

I noticed Steve thinks that too.

Oh Steve! Steve Skojec!
This is my favorite photo
of Steve.  He looks like he has
a great sense of humor.

More seriously, blogs are pretty much an old person's craft, or hobby - old people blog - younger people tweet, do Facebook or some other app on social media.  Websites, news aggregator sites are pretty much convenience sites - headlines.  What is online now is like talk radio.  Informative, but contentious, playing up controversy and ripping apart opponents.  Skojec engages Catholics online, he's a good writer, no doubt about that - but he needs to rile up controversy and engage the crazies to supplement his income.  Just like the other writers and sites he criticizes - he does the same thing.  It's like politics.  It works for him to usurp other sites, other writers, who he cleverly dismisses with this type of statement: "There is a certain quarter of the Catholic Internet, however, that has apparently become obsessed with me and our work here.

Song for this post here.

The power of the holy name.

Obviously the criticism and rivalry he appears to attract bothers him, and he feels the need to defend himself, by denigrating others.  That's just dumb.  Skojec applauds himself:
The fact is, the more openly I became concerned with the actions of the Francis pontificate, the more vilified I (and by extension, this publication) became by the likes of those mentioned – particularly the “luminaries” of the Patheos crowd, which later became the Aleteia crowd when Elizabeth Scalia brought her particular brand of smug, virtue signalling, quasi-heterodox Catholicism to their pages as Editor-in-Chief after leaving Patheos. (I previously revealed what happened to the already waning Catholic channel there after Scalia ended her tenure. It seems the best they can find are angsty, self-loathing Z-list “Catholic” bloggers to fill their roster these days.) Picking fights with and/or mocking websites like ours — rather than addressing the real problems we all face as Catholics — has become quite the club sport with this particular genre of Catholic writer. - 1P5
Writers for online magazines, blogomerates - including some real journalists pretty much engage in this 'club sport' all the time.  It's their raison d'être for being online.  Nevertheless, they are all Catholics -  snipping at one another because they disagree on this or that: "Picking fights with and/or mocking websites" whose writers disagree or whose writers are obsessed with Steve.  

(I used Steve's name here but I don't make any money for hits or stats - and rarely do I check stats.  But I will tomorrow to see if Skojec's name increases traffic here. What?)

"Mr Nelson!  You will never amount to anything!"

"Yes Sister.  Thank you Sister."

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Several Officers Shot in Baton Rouge This Morning ...

It's literally a breaking news story here and here.

In the meantime ...

In the wake of the terror attack in Nice, news of torture, dismemberment and mutilation of the victims at the Bataclan in the Paris attack surfaced - although subsequently debunked.  Nevertheless, the very thought of such torture, which we know has happened to other ISIS victims, is shocking to me.  The hatred and contempt for human life demonstrated by such violence is truly diabolic.

I keep praying for the victims - today's, yesterday's and tomorrow's.

As Christians - as Catholics - we know what is happening, and why.

We also know the remedy...

 "Tell everybody that God grants graces
through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, 
and that they must ask them from her. 
Tell them that the Heart of Jesus wishes that 
by His side should be venerated the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 
Tell them to ask peace through the Immaculate Heart of Mary;
 God has placed it in her hands."
-Blessed Jacinta Marto

St. Alexis

He could never be married ...

"Every year his story becomes more meaningful for me,"
said the wretch under the staircase.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Santo Nino De Monte Carmelo

“Divine Infant Jesus, I adore Your Cross,
and I accept all the crosses you will be pleased to send me.
 Adorable Trinity, I offer you for the glory of the Holy Name of God 
all the adorations of the Sacred Heart of the Holy Infant Jesus.” 
- Ven. Marguerite of the Blessed Sacrament O.C.D.

In some Carmelite monasteries, the monthly novena to the Infant Jesus begins today - seems to me a fitting 'Octave' for the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.  (We can babysit him all week.)

Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

O Mother of Carmel!
Vine blossom laden,
Holy and singular
Virgin untainted.
Mother divine,
sweet Lady mine.
Look upon your sinner,
hopeless and unworthy,
orphaned and abandoned,
O show thyself
my Mother.

O Mary,
my blessed Lady,
I your unworthy servant,
place all my confidence
in Thee.

O Thou art all fair
O Mary,
and the original stain 
is not in Thee.

O Mary!
Make my body pure,
my spirit holy!

Draw me,
and we will run 
in the odor of Thy ointments.

O Mary!
What praise can I offer Thee?

Hail Mary!
Hail Mother of God!
Hail our life, our sweetness, and our hope!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Paris ... Nice .... I'm beginning to wonder ...

Researching the prophecies from LaSalette and Marie-Julie Jahenny ...

First, I want to say no matter what I've ever written, I do pay attention to these things - apparitions and messages given to chosen souls - those approved by the Church and or some of those attributed to mystics whose cause for sainthood has gone forward.  Having said that, I'm very skeptical about contemporary locutionists and self-promoting prophets.  They are debunked by their own 'prophetic utterance' even those with famous spiritual directors.  Some, predicting civil unrest and economic collapse and a quick restoration seem to me to be talking about stuff most people can either know through natural intelligence, and/or informed by established Catholic prophecy, resulting in reasonable deduction.  Their followers go after them for all sorts of advice which they could probably just as well pick up from economic-political-survivalist-doomsday preppers.

I don't guide my life by private revelation, and I think I maintain a healthy skepticism.  I especially agree with St. Annibale Maria Di Francia when he wrote:
“I love the private revelations of holy persons, but I never accept everything... Being taught by the teachings of several mystics, I have always deemed that the teachings and locutions of even holy persons, especially women may contain deceptions. Poulain attributes errors even to saints the Church venerates on the altars. How many contradictions we see between Saint Brigid, D’Agreda, Emmerich, etc. We cannot consider the revelations and the Locutions as words of Scripture. Some of them must be omitted, and others explained in a right, prudent meaning.” - Source
I trust the Church - the Holy Father and the Magisterium.  Even amid the current confusion.  I believe what we proclaim in the Creed.

That said - I was thinking of Our Lady of La Salette and Marie-Julie Jahenny this morning, after the terror attack in France last night.  Nice ... close to Marseilles ... Paris.  I'm wondering.  Just wondering.

  • "Paris will burn and Marseilles will be engulfed..." OL La Salette

  • "France will become Muslim, denying the divinity of Christ." - Marie-Julie Jahenny

I don't need to list a lot here - but the two quotes cited above came to mind this morning, which led me to research/review the messages.  Like I said, I'm wondering, and I'm praying.

Prayers for France, prayers for the victims of the terror attack in Nice ... and those to come.  

“What shall I say to you now, dear sons of France, who groan beneath the weight of persecution? The people who made an alliance with God at the baptismal font of Rheims will repent and return to its first vocation. Her faults will not remain unpunished, but she will never perish, the daughter of so many merits, so many sighs, and so many tears." - St. Pius X

Notre Dame du Mont Carmel,
 notre Lumière dans les ténèbres, 
priez pour nous pécheurs,