Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The moderation queue is ON.

"Christ is mine and all for me." 

I just grabbed that declaration from Fr. Z.

I don't have a moderation queue - I just delete stuff.

In fact I'm deleting several posts in my archives which accused others of promoting error, and/or impugned the integrity of other Catholics, especially those struggling with issues related to same sex attraction and identity.  It seems to me to be a matter of justice, as I mentioned in an email to a friend concerning Fr. James Martin's recent book.  It bears repeating.

Thanks for letting me know your concern about my statement concerning Fr. James Martin's book. I always make it clear to him and anyone else publicly, that I disagree with this approach, and I totally disagree with New Ways Ministry's agenda and the organizational dissent from Catholic teaching. Yet I try to do so with respect. Recently I made a Go Fund Me contribution to a gay-Catholic man who claimed to have been harmed by articles written against him which not only may have lost him a job, but plunged him into severe depression. I made the donation in restitution/reparation for any detraction I may have committed when writing about him or others associated with the 'gay-Catholic' group. I'm not in the habit of broadcasting my contributions to charity - but this was a matter of justice. I now try to be very careful with what and how I say things about this subject so as not to cause harm, or any suggestion of scandal.
Including detraction and rash judgment. 

Fr. Martin has long been supportive of reaching out to gay Catholics who feel themselves alienated from the Church.  Recently he has made it clear he has the approval of his superiors to publish his book, Building a Bridge.  Recently Cardinal Tobin hosted gay-Catholics in his Cathedral, welcoming them at Mass, explaining he was following the Catechism's exhortation to welcome such persons, adding that he felt it would be inappropriate to bang them over the head with Catholic teaching against homosexuality at that time.

It is indeed an unusual form of outreach, especially considering that just a decade or so ago, Rainbow Sash people were denied Holy Communion in archdioceses across the country.  Forty years ago, the Minneapolis/St. Paul archdiocese was instrumental in blocking a gay-rights ordinance dealing with employment and housing.  (I'm writing from memory, but I was never part of any gay-rights or anti-gay movement in the Church or in politics.)  How things have changed in the Church is amazing, yet I know Catholic teaching on sexuality and marriage cannot change, I am nevertheless amazed at how the Church is now reaching out to gay Catholics.

Fr. Martin is not alone, to be sure.

As for myself, I've been there, tried that, and in conscience could never reconcile the two.  These days, the atmosphere in the American church reminds me of when I lived in Boston in the mid-1970's when Dignity was gaining popularity - I was never attracted to it and never participated in the group since it conflicted with my conscience and call to chastity.  It struck me as compromise.  Only after learning of Courage and Fr. Harvey was I encouraged to accept any form of organized spiritual support as a person who experienced same sex erotic attraction and same sex emotional desire.

My home archdiocese wasn't responsive to my (and Fr. Harvey's) attempt to establish a Courage chapter at that time, since the archdiocese was more or less pro-Dignity.  Long story short, it was providential and remained content to live a chaste, celibate life with the help of prayer and the sacraments and good spiritual direction.  In my experience, the Church was, and is support enough, in and through the sacraments - the ordinary means of sanctity and salvation for the layman.  The Church is more than enough for me.  It doesn't make me better than others, it is just a matter of temperament.

I have no other inclination or agenda.  "No servant can serve two masters."  Therefore I belong to Christ, and I am a son of the Church.
"Take courage therefore, and be valiant as well in doing as in suffering things repugnant to your nature.  You must put on the new man and be changed into another man.  You must oftentimes do that which is against your inclination, and forego that which you are inclined.  That which is pleasing to others shall go forward, that which you would have shall not succeed.  That which others shall say shall be hearkened to, what you say shall not be regarded.." - Imitation Bk III, Chapter 49:4


  1. Very good. And I hope you delete all of that stuff you wrote about me.................

    1. Haha - I've never had anything but praise for you. I hope! Have I ever said anything bad? Forgive me! Please!

  2. I met Archbishop Cordileone years ago as a high school junior. Talked for a good ten minutes about how he played saxophone as a teenager.


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